Leadership Development & Civic Engagement


In 2018 CTU partnered with the Parent Engagement Institute to offer the Parent Mentor Program to schools on the Southeast Side. The Parent Mentor Program is a nationally recognized statewide program that is designed to train parent leaders also known as Parent Mentors to assist teachers in the classroom throughout the school year. In addition to receiving tutoring training, parents also receive regular leadership development training with their cohort.  Parent Mentors are assigned to a classroom where they are mentored by a teacher to work one-on-one and in small groups with children for two hours/day, four days/week. Every Friday, the Parent Mentors come together to receive trainings related to their work in the schools and greater community as well as Know Your Rights information pertaining to immigration and labor.

The Parent Mentor Program provides numerous benefits to not only schools and teachers but to parents and students as well. Teachers receive extra eyes, ears and hands in the classroom. Students from pre-school to K-3 who may need more focused teaching receive extra assistance. Parents also develop a better understanding of the education system through hands on involvement and can serve as a resource to other families in the community. Ultimately, through the program, Parent Mentors help forge stronger connections between schools and communities.

Our Parent Mentor Program is currently offered at Douglas Taylor Elementary, Gallistel Language Academy, George Washington Elementary, Henry Clay Elementary, and John L Marsh School in Chicago, IL.

If you are interested in volunteering to becoming a parent mentor and/or inquire about your school participating, please call:
Karen Gonzalez, Education Organizer, at 773-909-3204.