Immigration Resources

We are living in a historic year where the immigration debate is on the rise.  As immigrants and allies, CTU has been mobilizing to make our voices heard for comprehensive immigration reform that keeps families together. For years, thousands of families across the United States have been separated from their loved ones.  The study, “Shattered Families,” by the Applied Research Center (ARC) estimated in 2011 that children of detained or deported parents accounted for approximately 1.25% of the total number in fostercare. If things continue at the same rate, by 2016 more than 15,000 children will be separated from their deported or detained parents. “My husband was deported a few months ago.  I have six children and am having a hard time making it.  A few years ago I was a victim of sexual assault and fear being alone.  My children and I need him with us in these hard times.  We need this system to stop separating our families and re-unite our loved ones. We come to this country in search of a better life and can’t live that life with these injustices,” says Community Leader in South Chicago.

CTU programs support immigrants in four ways:

  • Training and education on immigration rights, including the Dream Act and Deferred Action.
  • Citizenship classes
  • Community citizenship workshops
  • Educating legislators on the issues and needs of the immigrant community to support passage of just legislation.

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