CTU’s 13th Annual Celebration

Dear CTU Amigo,

We hope you’re doing well. As you know, this year marks Centro de Trabajadores Unidos: United Workers’ Center’s 13th anniversary. We are so excited to invite you to join us for our first ever virtual 2021 Annual Celebration on Friday, February 12, 2021

The theme of this year’s celebration is Reconnecting, Reflecting and Rebuilding with Our Communities.  We founded the organization thirteen years ago to organize and fight for the rights of the most vulnerable workers in our community. Since our inception we have assisted in recovering over $3 million dollars in stolen wages. Today we continue to educate and empower workers to recover stolen wages, improve working conditions and demand justice as well as support the creation of women owned worker cooperatives in the community.  

We have exciting milestones coming our way with the continued renovation of our future Southeast Side Community Center, new cooperative initiatives, continued civic engagement, workplace justice campaigns and deportation defense work.  On our 13th year anniversary, we hope you continue to join us in supporting CTU and the Southeast Community as we continue to build upon this legacy. Donations can be made here.

Would your organization consider being one of our lead sponsors? You can CLICK HERE to find out more information. 

Thank you in advance! With your support and commitment, we remain committed to the grassroots led vision we had when we first began and continue to work towards building a strong local economy on the southeast side and in the south suburbs where every worker and community member is afforded dignity and respect. Please save the date and we hope you can join us in February!


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In solidarity,

Ana Guajardo

Executive Director