CTU’s 5th Citizenship Workshop!

On Saturday, Dec. 7th CTU partnered with Instituto del Progreso Latino to host a Citizenship Workshop in South Chicago at Gallistel Language Academy. Staff, volunteers, and lawyers came together to offer important citizenship services in our area where many people do not have access to such support. Community members braved the frigid Chicago morning to come speak with attorneys, fill out their N-400 form, apply for the fee waiver, and get information about classes to help prepare them for the exam. We had Legal Permanent Residents from a wide variety of countries including Italy, Haiti, Mexico, and Algeria. We are so happy to be able to offer this program in our diverse area and help people make such an important, beneficial transition in their lives. Through becoming citizens, our community residents are able to reduce their vulnerability, advocate for themselves and exersize their voting power. Congratulations to all of our community members who have already become citizens!3